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2 Years Of Triumph! 2 Years Of Kapoor & Sons

The success of the movie says it all about the content and as well as the thoughts, be it boxoffice, critics or Awards. The nuances of every character paves its way to success!!! Kudos to Shakun Batra n Ayesha DeVitre

The movie was set all around a present day normal family who find internal disturbances as well as proffesional ones. 

  • Old Age : The Daddu finds his life  really painful and boring that to find some interest he keeps on annoying his daughter-in-law and boys and keeps on cracking Vulgar jokes to find some interest in his life. Tends to seek attention from his family by pretending himself to be dead. It shows how vulnerable we leave our grandparents. Though he was looked n cared upon but he needed to be pampered all the time! He turns out to be the glue which binds the family together in the last.
  • Tia: The movie has portrayed Tia as a Girl who looks so occupied from outside but is filled with so much ‘void’ that can’t be even guessed. As she lost her parents in her childhood so she has started to find a ray of hope by being an event manager. Also her character  shows the difference between attraction and True Love. And what it means to have a Trustworthy Relationship.
  • Arjun : The most underrated guy in the movie, keeps on trying to prove himself be it infront of her family or infront of his love.His Character says all about success and failure and the society which changes its perception accordingly. His teachings will remain LOGICAL till times immemorial! Be it his family especially his mother who kept on nagging about her elder son and always outshone her younger son.  

His character passes through different revelations about the people around him. Though he doubted his brother for stealing the idea of his First BestSeller from him But still he did not hate him he always wanted to be like him, for his brother was his inspiration. He was envious of his brother but never ever got jealous of him. Till the climax scene when he gets to know his mother’s deeds and Tia’s kiss.

Also the movie has stated that in the present time though parents might think their children not to be in accordance with them But we the children always do think about their happiness. We always want to make them proud. This is also shown by the outrage of Arjun in the last photo session scene .

  • The Lady of the house : She always keeps on nagging in front of  her family be it his husband or her children and also her Father in law. She has been portrayed as a lady who loves to be respected in the society & wants to acquire a prestigious position. She is filled with great sense of insecurity towards her family, wants everyone to stay safe n secure. But when she becomes insecure from Anita then she forgets all about prestige and ruins a social  gathering , it shows that our emotions can override our senses . The movie shows an evolution in her character towards the end , she defies prestige and starts caring her family after her Man dies 😞.
  • The Man Of the House: Mr Kapoor burdened with the pressures of the family is a man who has given time to all the members of the house but himself finds solace out of it! His death in the movie opens up everyone’s mind towards the brittleness of life , all of the members start pitying and want him to come back so that they may at least pay gratitude to his hardwork.His character taught us to forgive all at least once !
  • Rahul: His character is more of to break the minds of orthodoxy . He lives a fake life, from the fear of society and his family. Being a gay he considers himself to not to be portrayed as his reality and to be made fun of . To defy all these he starts living a fake successful life, the changed behaviour of his mother says it all about the orthodox constituent so called society. Our society has not yet become open to HOMOSEXUALITY. He has no grudge for anyone in the story , befriends everyone . In doing so he wants to stay away from the truth that he will never be accepted this rigud society ever.

Plsatic choking even villages .

Yesterday I went to my village, from the roads to drains to even water bodies everything was choked from filth mainly plastic and poly bags. The thing is people are not aware of the illeffects of suffocating plastic being used in our day to day lives. 5 years ago the same visits did not bother me but toaday these do. Let me explain why :- Our village situated near Allahabad had a very loose system of waste management and water conservation it was ineffective as it was  inhabited by very less people, it implied less consumption and thereby lesser waste , but from the past 4-5 yrs the number of people nearly trebled and it caused an ill system of management from acute to chronic. Mismanagement prevailed previously too but now it has started to hamper the natural beauty of the area, the community around my house had a well and a pond but due to regular dumping of waste materials both of them have been choked and the irony is that residents are not realising the futility and hazards it may cause them in near future! Daily dumping of plastic and other non-biodegradable waste has caused negligible recharge of groundwater and the height is non availability of water in and around my village, people have started to install submersible pumps as handpumps have dried out thanks to non rechargeable water table. Choked and encroached water bodies multiplies the peoblem.

Now contrast it with situations prevailing in our metro cities. Let’s talk about a mismanaged municipal corporation. My city situated on the confluence of river Ganga and Yamuna is no better than a village,  here too waste is found littered upon roads and strangulating stray animals. 

  1. The difference is installed Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) .
  2. Though a weak but a sewage and drainage is present. 
  3. Every Morning waste is collected and a proportion of it is managed too But here too waste segregation is nowhere on groundlevel. 
  4. Here too there is encroachment within the banks of the two existing rivers.
  5. Your share of fresh air is choked every second day due to burning of wastes openly . 

So here are some of my observations and contrasts based on my eyesight. And the thing us if we have to address this problem them people have to be made aware of the hazards of excessive plastics as well as what it takes to be unaware of water conservation. These are the loopholes which will be accompanied by floods even moderate rains during rainy seasons so do take a few steps break up with plastic, do your research,  complain the authorities where ever possible and try to manage your resources best way possible. 

Another Friday, Another Flop 

So Sidharth Malhotra’s Aiyaary got released somehow and got failed. Reviewer and critics too have found a lot of flaws in the movie. They have even not regarded Sid to be of any special mention. Some were disappointed by Sid’s performance ,Some expect better from him, Some nearly outnumbered his existence in front of his co-star. But some regarded it as his best till now, also some talked of it as a bad written  character. Let me tell you all this movie was signed by Sid just coz of Neeraj Pandey , And This movie had Bajpayee as its Lead Not SIDHARTH MALHOTRA  but Sid could have read the script.

It’s not just about a FLOP Its about the hardwork that goes unattended right. THE GET UPS THAT SID TOOK 😁.Hmff I know it takes a lot of hard work and luck to be in a position where Sidharth Malhotra is standing. Millions dream of it but the number who accomplish are very few . It was never expected from a guy without any family background to gross 100crs in his third movie . The movie had no former superhit prequel,  no big star , not even well acclaimed star cast , the movie attained 16 crs on day 1 , who is got to be remembered for such a huge success ?? OBVIOUSLY SID, but what has happened now ?

The same star is now struggling with his movies many a times he has been shown the outdoors of Bollywood Industry. Was this the motto behind getting launched by Karan Johar ? Was this the motto behind getting into too many shapes in 5 years ? Was this the motto behind giving competition to well established stars ?? 

No Sid a peculiar No

Please Sid don’t do this to yourself .From the day you entered the industry , you got the grace to entertain whole lot of people . Today even many biggies find your name to be much bigger than themselves. 

Critics call you Poker faced or More harsh DEADPAN , where were these critics when Guru shows his restlessness for Aisha , when Arjun expresses his outrage in front of his mother, when Monty breaks up in the arms of his Brother .He is not meant to be LOST He is meant to rule our hearts . 

What is that Sid, stopping you to sign single lead movies ,everytime you are compared with the second lead , everytime you are outshone by their acts. I know that you act according to your character, you can’t step off from it , but these fan ears need something All Good .❤❤❤

Hopefully not again